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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any bad reviews on

Cheapoair is fraudulent, has long wait times on the phone, useless customer service representatives that never call you back, and is a stingy, greedy company that doesn’t provide you with your refund so that you can book another flight back to America :) Avoid this website at all costs. Save your money, time, efforts, and health somewhere else.

Who are the airlines that partner with CheapOair?

What is CheapOair? CheapOair partners with more than 400 carriers, including Air France, Jet Blue, Spirit Airlines and United Airlines, to provide customers with affordable, budget-friendly travel experiences. The online travel site makes it easy to compare flight, hotel or cruise options and book them at your leisure.

How much is the service fee for CheapOair?

Service fees for CheapOair start at $25 per fare and apply to all U.S. domestic or international flights. These fees might vary due to special circumstances, including business and first-class airfares or fares for unaccompanied minors. The table below shows CheapOair’s most common service fees. Can you get a refund on CheapOair?

What does the CheapOair app do for You?

The CheapOair app lets you access flights, hotels, car rentals and exclusive deals from an iOS or Android device. Customers can manage their travel on the go, receive live updates on itinerary changes or notifications and earn up to two times the amount of points by booking through the app.

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