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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use CheapOair for airline tickets?

CheapOAir is passing the buck on giving airline ticket refunds onto Norwegian! This third party so called travel agency is just a third party scam company taking people’s money for airline tickets to Italy and then when you try to get refund on airline tickets due Covid and a Pandemic with no flights from US to Europe is ridiculous!

Are there any reliable reviews on

Opinions are ours. Reviews are from legit customers. We may earn money from affiliate links to support and feed our families. Is CheapOAir Legit, Safe or Reliable? Overall, there are thousands of customers that you can find getting great deals at the right now.

Who are the airlines that partner with CheapOair?

What is CheapOair? CheapOair partners with more than 400 carriers, including Air France, Jet Blue, Spirit Airlines and United Airlines, to provide customers with affordable, budget-friendly travel experiences. The online travel site makes it easy to compare flight, hotel or cruise options and book them at your leisure.

Is there a cancellation policy on

CheapOair has 24/7 customer service, but the issue is, while getting immediate, human-based assistance, you may rack up some fees. It costs more money to book over a phone call with a booking agent than through the website, as well as a few other things, like cancellations or attaining a refund.

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