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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you delete a dog in Nintendogs?

When the Nintendo screen comes up after you click on nintendogs, hold down the X, Y, A, B, L, and R button at the same time until a pop-up comes up confirming that you want to delete your dog. Click OK and start over with the dog of your choice. (For all nintendogs games)

How do you get different types of dogs in Nintendogs?

Relax/play dead: From the lie down position, move the stylus from one side of the dogs head to the other. For more types of dogs, find another person with Nintendogs (other version) then both go to bark mode, you can get new types of dogs from the other person!

How do I get my Dog to listen to Nintendogs?

In your house or park. First of all you need a record that plays music; when you have turned the record on with your finger scratch the disc for some cool sounds. If on a walk you find the Nintendogs theme, play it at home, and your dogs may just bark with the music. Feed me!

How do you get free trainer points on Nintendogs?

1. Nintendogs Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints To gain free trainer points and money, hold the rubber brush on your dog and you will gain 1 dollar and a trainer point each minute. When you are walking your dog, you will want to know if there are any presents on the walk that are not marked.

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