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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is Chemeq Technology Pty Ltd?

Its intellectual Property (patents, know how and trade secrets) has been folded into a subsidiary called Chemeq Technology Pty Ltd (CTPL).

Where did Graham Melrose get the idea for Chemeq?

Chemeq was founded by Dr Graham Melrose in 1989 after he developed a new type of antimicrobial polymer. This polymer can replace antibiotics in the control of disease in commercial animal populations. Its only commercial plant is located in the seaside town of Rockingham, Western Australia .

Why was Chemeq sued in the Supreme Court?

Chemeq was sued in the Supreme Court of Western Australia by investors claiming that the company had breached the terms of the investment contract. The court found against the company and ordered it to repay the $60 million it sought. Liquidators were called in when Chemeq's appeal against the decision was dismissed.

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