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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Linux version of chemeql?

The program is a stand-alone version of ChemEQL, and different versions for Mac (.dmg) and Windows (.exe) are available. A Linux version can be provided on request. It calculates and draws thermodynamic equilibrium concentrations of species in complex chemical systems.

How many solubility products are in chemeql-Eawag second library?

A second library contains more than 300 solubility products that can be introduced if solid phases are modeled. Both libraries can be altered and extended with new reactions and stability constants. Output data are formatted for .xls or for import in a graphic program.

Is there a drawing option in chemeql Eawag?

Two-dimensional logarithmic diagrams, such as pe-pH (Pourbaix), or generally pX vs. pY, can be calculated. A drawing option is implemented. A library with over 1700 thermodynamic stability constants allows quick access, comfortable creation of input matrices and hence easy use of the program.

Where are the binary libraries stored in chemeql?

Download the manual and a folder with example files. The program ChemEQL V3.2 is downloaded, installed on your computer and started by clicking into the respective ChemEQL icons on the right. The binary libraries CQLJ.SolidsLib and CQLJ.RegularLib are stored in application specific folders.

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