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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about chemiquip products?

Chemiquip Products Inc. offers a range of pressure snubbers, pulsation dampeners, pressure limiting valves, gauge savers, flow restrictors, excess flow check valves, Gauge isolators, customized pipe fittings, and adapters to solve challenging applications

When was chemoquip Limited founded in East Africa?

Chemoquip Limited was founded in 1992, with the goal of developing one of the largest "one stop shop" for laboratory equipment supplies in East and Central Africa. We use professionalism as our umbrella when conducting different aspects of business.

Where is chemiquip located in Kampala, Uganda?

Get answers from CHEMIQUIP or users. Visitors haven’t asked any questions yet. CHEMIQUIP is located in Kampala, Uganda. Company is working in Medical Equipment, Laboratory Testing, Pharmacies , Chemists business activities.

What can I do with the chemoquip B series incubator?

Reduce exposure to the potential dangers of splashing biohazards with Stat Wash®, an economical instrument designed to wash immunoassays in microwell strips and plates.... read more With the B series incubator, you obtain a reliable and powerful unit in a solid configuration at a very attractive price..... read more

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