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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about chemiquip products?

Chemiquip Products Inc. offers a range of pressure snubbers, pulsation dampeners, pressure limiting valves, gauge savers, flow restrictors, excess flow check valves, Gauge isolators, customized pipe fittings, and adapters to solve challenging applications

What does Buck sales do for chemiquip valves?

Buck Sales is a Distributor for Chemiquip's snubbers and Pressure Limiting Valves. Helps eliminate pressure instrument failure due to hydraulic or pneumatic shock by Smoothing out pressure impulses and fluctuations and assures a steady average pressure reading.

What can chemiquip pressure snubbers be used for?

Chemiquip pressure snubbers are designed for use with hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Each pressure snubber is individually tested for flow rate before shipping.

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