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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the cast of Chennai Express 2013?

Credited cast: Deepika Padukone Meenamma Lochini Azhagusundaram Shah Rukh Khan Rahul Sathyaraj Durgeshwara Azhagusundaram Nikitin Dheer Tangaballi 13 more rows ...

How long is the original version of Chennai Express?

The original version of the film with a duration of 141 minutes was given a UA certificate by the Indian Censor Board, on the account of some action violence. But the U certified version of the film has very few or say minimal cuts, with the total duration 141 minutes, the same as the original.

Who was the first lead actor in Chennai Express?

Khan was the first actor to be approached with the script and was the first lead actor to be signed for the film. See more » When the Marine Police bring Rahul back to Komban Village, Meenamma's 2 brothers: Chinna and Periya speak to the Police and Rahul in Hindi.

How did man get caught in Chennai Express?

A man heading towards Rameshwaram via Chennai express to immerse his late grandfather's ashes unwillingly gets caught amidst goons after helping their boss's daughter and them board the train.

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