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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find Chennai Court of small causes case status?

After filling all the details click on "Search Your Case", your Court of Small Causes, Chennai at Chennai case status will be displayed. How do I find my case number? Your case number is usually found on top of your case file.

Where can I find case status of Madras High Court?

Case Status of Madras High Court It is an information system designed to provide information on pending and disposed cases of High Court of Madras on Internet for advocates, litigant public and judges of lower courts. The required information is derived from the large databases created in the High Court of Madras. Cases can be retrieved through:

How to check civil case status in India?

Click on the Civil or Criminal button, to accordingly display the Civil or Criminal Cause list of the selected Court and Date. of the Case, enter the 16 alphanumeric CNR Number without any – (hyphen) or space.. 2.On Clicking the Search button, the current status and entire history of the Case will be shown.

How to search high court orders in India?

The Orders/Judgements can be searched on Party Name, Case Number, Court Number and Order Date. a. Select High Court and Bench of the Cause list to be displayed. b. Select the Cause list Date from the calendar control. c. Enter the Captcha (the alphanumeric digits shown on the screen) in the text box provided. a.

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