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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I buy at cheplics in Pittsburgh?

Cheplics Apparel Cheplics has received a fresh order of apparel for sale at the shop. Stop in and check out our assorted colors of hoodies and t-shirts. We also have hats in stock for sale Sizes range from Small to 2XL. Click on our "Other Products" Page and scroll down to the Cheplics Apparel section for hoodie and t-shirt colors and sizes.

What kind of sausages are in cheplics meats?

Slovenian Sausage - Smoked Brats, Red Hots - Cheese Sausage - Large Hot Dogs Large Cheese Hot Dogs - Large Hot Pepper Cheese Hot Dogs - Large Fire Dogs

Who is the customer service representative at Cheplic packing?

If this status changes, we will inform our customers immediately. Cheplic Packing is looking for a Customer Service Representative. Responsibilities will include Checking in customers as they arrive at Cheplic Packing and periodically answering phones when all other Cheplic Packing Employees are busy servicing customers.

How many stars does Cheplic packing have on Yelp?

Cheplic Packing accepts credit cards. How is Cheplic Packing rated? Cheplic Packing has 5 stars. What days are Cheplic Packing open?

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