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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of doors are in Chepstow Castle?

On the reverse an elaborate lattice framework featured the earliest mortice-and-tenon joints known in Britain. The doors were once thought to be 13th-century.

Who was the Lord of Chepstow in 1189?

Further development of the castle was associated with William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke from 1189, who, after marriage with daughter and heiress of Richard de Clare, became lord of Chepstow. William expanded and enlarged the outmodeled castle, drawing on knowledge gained in France and crusades.

Who was the person who built Chepstow Castle?

The originals are on display inside the castle, safe at last from the elements. They were the work of William Marshal, one of the most remarkable men of the age. With only horse and armour to call his own the young knight-errant first began to make a reputation as a soldier and combatant in military tournaments.

Which is the best place to see Chepstow Castle?

Beautifully preserved Chepstow Castle stretches out along a limestone cliff above the River Wye like a history lesson in stone. There’s no better place in Britain to see how castles gradually evolved to cope with ever more destructive weaponry – and the grandiose ambitions of their owners.

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