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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best place to see Chepstow Castle?

Beautifully preserved Chepstow Castle stretches out along a limestone cliff above the River Wye like a history lesson in stone. There’s no better place in Britain to see how castles gradually evolved to cope with ever more destructive weaponry – and the grandiose ambitions of their owners.

Who was the first person to build Chepstow Castle?

For more than six centuries Chepstow was home to some of the wealthiest and most powerful men of the medieval and Tudor ages. Building was started in 1067 by Earl William fitz Osbern, close friend of William the Conqueror, making it one of the first Norman strongholds in Wales.

What kind of doors are in Chepstow Castle?

On the reverse an elaborate lattice framework featured the earliest mortice-and-tenon joints known in Britain. The doors were once thought to be 13th-century.

Is the Chepstow Castle a member of Cadw?

These magnates and power-brokers were constantly on the move. Chepstow was just one residence in their vast estates – an impressive shell into which they would bring their gold and silver vessels, rich silk and brightly painted furniture. 10% off for Cadw members!

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