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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Chepstow Castle in South Wales located?

Here are some facts about Chepstow Castle. Chepstow Castle is in Chepstow, in the county of Monmouthshire, in South Wales. It is situated on a cliff overlooking the River Wye, close to the Welsh / English border. Chepstow Castle was built during the 11th and 12th centuries by Lord William Fitz Osbern.

Who was the Norman who built Chepstow Castle?

Check other interesting facts about Chepstow Castle below: Lord William fitzOsbern was the Norman who gave the instruction to construct the castle. On 6 December 1950, the ruins of Chepstow Castle were included in the list of Grade I building.

Is it possible to get into Chepstow Castle without a ticket?

Unfortunately, visitors without pre-booked tickets will not be allowed entry. Beautifully preserved Chepstow Castle stretches out along a limestone cliff above the River Wye like a history lesson in stone.

Who was in charge of Chepstow during the Civil War?

In the 17th century, during the English Civil War, the castle was occupied by royalist troops. They dominated in Wales at the beginning of the conflict, but in 1645 parliamentary forces under the command of Thomas Morgan besieged Chepstow. After the castle was fired, the garrison gave up.

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