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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the first person to build Chepstow Castle?

For more than six centuries Chepstow was home to some of the wealthiest and most powerful men of the medieval and Tudor ages. Building was started in 1067 by Earl William fitz Osbern, close friend of William the Conqueror, making it one of the first Norman strongholds in Wales.

When was the Great Tower of Chepstow built?

The Great Tower – the keep of Chepstow castle, was completed until 1090 and as one of the few from the very beginning, it was built of stone, not wood. Although most of the stones were excavated from local quarries, some of the blocks were reused from the Roman ruins at Caerwent.

Is there a car park in front of Chepstow Castle?

Sloped access from public car park with 4 dedicated disabled spaces available in council car park directly in front of the castle. Areas of the site accessible to people with limited mobility. Dogs on leads welcome to access ground floor levels of the site.

Is the Chepstow Castle a member of Cadw?

These magnates and power-brokers were constantly on the move. Chepstow was just one residence in their vast estates – an impressive shell into which they would bring their gold and silver vessels, rich silk and brightly painted furniture. 10% off for Cadw members!

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