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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the owner of Chepstow Castle in the 15th century?

For the rest of the 15th century, Chepstow was part of the estate granted to William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, and in 1508 it became the property of Sir Charles Somerset, the later Earl of Worcester who rebuilt the castle in Tudor-style, into a more comfortable residence.

Who was the king who was held in Chepstow?

The prisoner in Chepstow was, among others, Henry Marten, one of the commissioners who signed the death sentence on king Charles I, held until his own death in 1680.

Is there a haunted castle in Chepstow Wales?

The castle is perched on cliffs in the middle of the town of Chepstow overlooking the River Wye and like any 900 year old castle, it echoes with the ghosts of its past. Having played an important role in the Norman invasion of Wales and the English Civil War, it's no surprise that the castle is said to be haunted.

Who was the Earl of Hereford who built Chepstow?

The construction of the castle began Earl of Hereford, William FitzOsbern, on the order of king William the Conqueror around 1067. The stronghold, originally called Striguil, was to secure the south-western part of the border and suppress the threat from the Welsh.

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