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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a cherry and a berry?

While a cherry has the appearance of a berry, it is not actually classified as one. Berries are fruits that have fleshy pericarps, one or more seeds and are completely edible. Cherries are fleshy, but because of the pit in the center, are not completely edible.

Is a cherry a berry or a fruit?

Both a cherry and a berry are considered fruit, even though they are different enough that they can not be said to be the same thing. So, when asked is a cherry a berry or a fruit, it is possible to answer, in all confidence, that the cheery is definitely not a berry, but that it is indeed a fruit.

Is it a cherry, a berry, or what?

Cherries appear as though they may be berries. They are delicate, sweet and round, and are about a similar size to a strawberry. They are also found next to strawberries in supermarkets and grocery stores. And keeping in mind that we're discussing the matter, shouldn't something be said about cherry tomatoes and grapes?

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