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Frequently Asked Questions

Are wildfires still burning in ca?

Wildfires Still Burning In New Mexico, California. Over 70,000 combined acres have burned from the Buzzard and Ute Park fires. The Buzzard Fire is burning in the western part of the state and has scorched over 34,000 acres, while the Ute Park Fire has burned over 36,000 in northern New Mexico. Meantime, fires are starting to spring up in California.

Are the California fires contained?

Fires occur throughout the State within CAL FIRE jurisdiction on a daily basis during fire season. However, the majority of those fires are contained quickly and no information will be provided on these incidents at this site.

What are the California wildfires?

The 2017 Northern California wildfires from October 7 to October 14. The October 2017 Northern California wildfires, also known as the Northern California firestorm, were a series of 250 wildfires that started burning across the state of California, United States, beginning in early October.

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