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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my CHILDRENS PLACE bill on line?

You can't make a Children's Place credit card payment by phone. However, you can pay online , via mail or in-person at a store. Keep reading for details on how to make a payment.

Does citizens accept online payments?

Pay Online. Citizens accepts online payments from U.S. checking and savings accounts. Debit card, credit card and electronic check conversion payments are not available at this time. You must have a valid email to submit an online payment. Online payments are available through: myPolicy, Citizens' online, policyholder self-service tool (Personal only)

Can a child use a parent's credit card?

Your parents' credit cards are not legally yours to take and use without express permission from either parent. It is not legal to use your parent's credit card without his or her expressed permission. Doing so can have legal consequences for you as well as cause your parent to pay fees for unauthorized charges.

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