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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of choiceadvantage?

choiceADVANTAGE allows hotels to automate marketing programs with better results. It also provides guest feedback in a quick and efficient manner. Automatic Processing. The system automatically manages reservations from Choice, travel agents and Web sites, travel agent invoices, the night audit and other items. User-friendly Features

What is the basic principle behind RSA?

A basic principle behind RSA is the observation that it is practical to find three very large positive integers e, d, and n, such that with modular exponentiation for all integers m (with 0 ≤ m < n): and that knowing e and n, or even m, it can be extremely difficult to find d. The triple bar (≡) here denotes modular congruence.

What is RSA algorithm?

The algorithm is now known as RSA – the initials of their surnames in same order as their paper. Clifford Cocks, an English mathematician working for the British intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), described an equivalent system in an internal document in 1973.

How do I contact choice privileges?

Choice Privileges Reservations: 800-521-2121. Available 24/7. Choice Privileges Service Center: 888-770-6800 or [email protected] Available 24/7. Choice Privileges Visa: 866-263-2058. Available 24/7. Barclaycard Customer Service: 866-599-5070. Available 24/7. REPORT A MISSING STAY.

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