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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choosechoice hotels?

Choice hotels are 100% franchised. Our top-notch franchise sales team ensures that Choice brands are present in every market across the USA and around the world. And our global sales team helps franchisees drive business to their hotels through world-class distribution systems, planning tools, and technology.

What is it like to work at choice Phoenix?

Just like the Arizona climate, the vibe at our Phoenix tech and eCommerce office is warm and welcoming. Imagine yourself in a tech corridor in the country’s fifth largest city, where you’ll enjoy 300+ sunny days a year while working in an exciting environment that drives Choice’s hospitality business.

Why Tech Tech at Choice Hotels?

Tech talent is booming in the beautiful Southwest—giving Choice more than 800 of the best and brightest associates to develop cutting-edge technology in the hotel industry. These associates are powering nearly billions in room revenue—over 267 million transactions per day!

Why work at choice?

At Choice, everyone is welcome, wanted, and respected, and we’re proud to have earned a 100% on DEI Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion.

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