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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Chrysler employee price calculated?

The Chrysler employee price is based on a relatively simple math formula. FCA Employee Price Calculation: 5% below dealer invoice + $200 program fee You'll also find the Employee Price listed on a vehicle's invoice as "EP." In the case of a Gladiator Overland with no options, the discount is potentially worth $3,498.

Is Chrysler's employee discount worth it?

Much like Ford Plan Pricing, the Chrysler employee discount can offer substantial savings, especially when combined with other offers for buying & leasing. That said, these programs can have advantages & disadvantages that can either enhance or diminish their appeal.

Who are the members of the Chrysler management team?

The leadership team, as Chrysler calls the executive staff, is comprised of the Board of Directors and Management team. Management Michael Manley – Chief Executive Officer​ Mark Stewart – Chief Operating Officer, North America

What is the corporate phone number for Chrysler?

We tested a few of the other direct lines and have listed the ones that connected us with corporate. The consumer line is 1-800-334-9200 it’s available Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET. The Chrysler headquarters phone number is 1-278-576-5741 or 1-248-512-2950, and fax number is 1-248-512-3114.

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