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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chuck Schumer's position on federal intervention in hospitals?

As governors plead for federal intervention to provide hard-hit hospitals in New York and elsewhere with vital medical ventilators, equipment and supplies, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer called for a better-coordinated effort to care for the many sick people.

How much should premium pay be for essential front-line workers?

The fund would cap the total maximum premium pay at $25,000 for each essential front-line worker earning less than $200,000 per year and $5,000 for those earning $200,000 or more, according to the plan. Employers applying for funds would add line-item premium pay to employees' or independent contractors' paychecks, the proposal states.

How much would an essential worker recruitment incentive help fight covid-19?

A second piece to the proposal, a $15,000 essential worker recruitment incentive to attract more workers to fight the COVID-19 crisis, would be limited to healthcare employees and first responders. © 2020 Benzinga does not provide investment advice.

Will truck drivers qualify for an essential work fund?

According to a white paper outlining the proposal, while the definition of an "essential work" industry for the purposes of the fund's eligibility "will be the subject of debate," Schumer said truck drivers would qualify. "This is not just for medical and health care personnel on the front lines," he said during a press conference.

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