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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is CIMIC Group Limited?

Asset, infrastructure and resources leader. CIMIC Group is an engineering-led construction, mining, services and public private partnerships leader working across the lifecycle of assets, infrastructure and resources projects. We deliver the full spectrum of services, from feasibility, design, planning and investment;

Where is the head office of CIMIC Australia?

CIMIC, previously known as Leighton Holdings, was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1962 and has its head office in Sydney, Australia. CIMIC provides construction, mining, mineral processing, engineering, concessions, and operation and maintenance services to the infrastructure, resources and property markets.

What is the mission statement of the CIMIC Group?

To provide continuous training and education on CIMIC related subjects, primarily for the MN CG personnel and MNCG participating Nations’ personnel and subsequently to support the training and education of NATO & other Nations’ CIMIC personnel;

Why is CIMIC a good company to work for?

Our capabilities meet our clients’ requirements for enduring value and we’re growing alongside good economic prospects in Australia, Asia and beyond which are sustaining demand for infrastructure and providing a positive outlook for commodities.

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