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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business does CIMIC Group do?

CIMIC Group Limited (formerly known as Leighton Holdings prior to April 2015) is an international contractor. It is active in the telecommunications, engineering and infrastructure, building and property, mining and resources, and environmental services industries. It has operations in Australia, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

What does CIMIC stand for in military category?

Portuguese Army soldiers in a CIMIC action in Pristina, Kosovo. Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) is the means by which a military commander connects with civilian agencies active in a theatre of operations.

When was UGL acquired by CIMIC Group Limited?

In 2011, UGL acquired DTZ Holdings, creating a global leader in property services that was later divested. In 2016, UGL was acquired by CIMIC Group.

When was Pacific Partnerships established by CIMIC Group?

Pacific Partnerships was established by CIMIC in 2014 by combining its industry-leading PPP capabilities. CIMIC Group has been responsible for the delivery of more than 30 PPPs valued at close to $60 billion over the past 25 years.

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