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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the executives of the CIMIC Group?

CIMIC Group's key executives are Russell Chenu and David Robinson. How many employees does CIMIC Group have? CIMIC Group has 32,579 employees. Who are CIMIC Group competitors?

Where is the head office of CIMIC Australia?

CIMIC, previously known as Leighton Holdings, was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1962 and has its head office in Sydney, Australia. CIMIC provides construction, mining, mineral processing, engineering, concessions, and operation and maintenance services to the infrastructure, resources and property markets.

What does CIMIC stand for in Business category?

CIMIC stands for Construction, Infrastructure, Mining and Concessions. Founded in 1949 by Stanley Leighton, Leighton Holdings was first listed on the Melbourne Stock Exchange in 1962.

When did CIMIC Group buy Sedgman mining company?

In March 2016, CIMIC purchased mining company Sedgman for A$ 256 million. In December 2016, CIMIC purchased engineering company UGL Limited for A$524 million. CIMIC Group includes the following businesses: Major projects undertaken by Leighton Contractors (renamed CPB Contractors in January 2016) include:

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