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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cinthol original soap good for your skin?

Continue reading Cinthol Original Soap Review if you want to know more about Cinthol original soap such as its Benefits, Ingredients, Packaging and further. Cinthol Soap Ingredients has a unique formulation to keep your skin young and healthy. Its active ingredients gives your skin your lost radiance and look.

What is clearcinthol original soap?

Cinthol Original Soap is a bath and body soap specially formulated to treat a number of skin problems. It comes in a simple plastic cover like all other 4 variants:- Cool, Deo, Lime and Confidence+. Mostly it is available in combo packs of 3+1 and 4+1 and come in a cardboard box.

What is the TFM content of toilet soap?

TFM content of Grade II toilet soap should be less than 76% but not less than 70%. TFM content of Grade III toilet soap should be less than 70% but not less than 60%. It is mandatory for toilet soap to mention TFM value on the wrapper while in case of bathing bar, it is not obligatory to mention TFM value.

What is the TFM of Medimix Soap?

Medimix: This soap has 60% TFM and belongs to grade 3. Various herbs are its ingredients and hence it has a good herbal fragrance. There are three glycerin versions of this product available with a sandalwood version also. 11. Superia Silk:

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