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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you access Citizens Bank savings account online?

You can easily fund or add money to your Citizens Access Online Savings account(s) in one of two ways: 1. Online Funds Transfer - Using the routing number and account number of your checking or savings account at another U.S. financial institution, you can link that external account to Citizens Access and then make an online transfer into your Citizens Access account.

Is Citizens Bank in trouble?

Citizens Republic Bancorp like many other banks are showing signs of trouble. A regional bank, Citizens Bank is headquartered in Flint Michigan and posted a quarterly loss of $201 Million.

How do you check your bank account online?

Checking Bank Balances Online Go to your bank’s website. Look for a section to sign on to online banking. Type in your username and password. Click on “Accounts.” Select a checking, savings or investment account. Review recent debits or credits on the account. Log out of the website when you leave.

What is the customer service number for Citizens Bank?

Citizens Bank Customer Support Service Phone Number. The customer support phone number of Citizens Bank is +1-800-922-9999, +1 401-456-7000, Fax: 401-456-7819 (Click phone number to call).

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