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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Los Altos CA open to the public?

Los Altos, Calif. — August 17, 2021 — The City will begin opening public facilities for in-person service starting September 7, 2021. Shortly following Santa Clara County’s initial health order, Los Altos closed all City facilities to the public, transitioning its services to being offered online or over-the-phone.

Who is the city manager of Los Altos CA?

Los Altos, Calif. — June 23, 2021 — The Los Altos City Council is pleased to appoint Gabriel Engeland to serve the Los Altos community as its new permanent City Manager.

When is meet and greet in Los Altos CA?

The first 'Meet & Greet' will be a webinar on Tuesday, July 27, from 6-7PM. The second 'Meet & Greet' will be held in person Thursday, July 29, during the Downtown Los Altos Farmers' Market at the City's designated booth.

When is pack the patrol car in Los Altos?

Los Altos, Calif. — July 22, 2021 —The Los Altos Police Department is teaming up with the Los Altos School District for the 2nd Annual Pack the Patrol Car, a school supplies fundraiser to provide kids in need with everything necessary for the school year.

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