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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of train is the CityRail?

The CityRail network was a hybrid of three different types of passenger railway: metro-style underground; suburban commuter rail and interurban. CityRail's suburban network mostly radiated outwards from the Sydney CBD.

What does the last number on a locomotive stand for?

The last number is the number of wheels on the trailing set. Thus, a 2-8-2 has two pilot wheels (actually one axle), eight drivers (4 on each side), and 2 trailer wheels. A 2-8-0 has the same arrangement except there is no trailing set.

When did the CityRail train service end in Sydney?

CityRail was an Australian passenger train operator with services in and around Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, the three largest cities in New South Wales as well as some rail replacement bus services. It was established in January 1989 and abolished in June 2013 when it was superseded by Sydney Trains...

Who is velocity rail solutions and what do they do?

Velocity Rail Solutions, a division of A. Stucki Company, is the largest provider of direct-to-locomotive fueling services in the United States, serving Class 1 railroads at more than 60 locations. Services include delivery of fuel, lube, oil, sand and water to locomotives, along with waste removal, inspection and operations services, while ...

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