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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ticketing system does CityRail use?

For most of the brand's life CityRail's ticketing system was the Automated Fare Collection System (AFC). Dating from 1992, it was based on magnetic stripe technology and was interoperable with the Sydney Buses and Sydney Ferries systems.

When did the CityRail train service end in Sydney?

CityRail was an Australian passenger train operator with services in and around Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, the three largest cities in New South Wales as well as some rail replacement bus services. It was established in January 1989 and abolished in June 2013 when it was superseded by Sydney Trains...

Why is the city rail link so important?

It will transform the downtown Britomart Transport Centre into a two-way through-station that better connects the Auckland rail network. It allows the rail network to at least double rail capacity.

How big is the city rail link in New Zealand?

The City Rail Link (CRL) is a game-changer for Auckland. It’s NZ’s largest transport infrastructure project ever. The CRL is a 3.45km twin-tunnel underground rail link up to 42 metres below the Auckland city centre.

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