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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many train delays in Sydney?

Brazen teenagers have filmed themselves breaking into guards’ compartments and dangerously playing chicken with moving trains on the Sydney Train network. There have been extensive delays during this morning's commute in Sydney when fallen wires impacted several train lines across the city.

Why are there train delays on the Illawarra line?

One passenger told they had been told trains were cancelled “indefinitely” and replacement bus services could take hours. Sydney Trains is also on Twitter responding to the complaints, saying the delays were due to emergency repairs to a broken rail line at Oatley.

Why is the city rail link so important?

It will transform the downtown Britomart Transport Centre into a two-way through-station that better connects the Auckland rail network. It allows the rail network to at least double rail capacity.

How often do people fall into Gap on Sydney Trains?

Sydney train rules will change in a major way from Monday, the state government says, but some things will remain - just in case. In an average week, five people fall into the gap between the train and the platform on the Sydney Trains network.

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