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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wrong with CJ7's?

One of the issues I have found in restoring CJ7’s is the electrical. There are so many more little whizbangs and doodads than in the early flat fender Jeeps.

Why is my CJ7 pegging all the way to full?

The most common issue I have encountered has to do with the temperature and fuel gauges. Working on a current CJ7 project I finished the wiring and found that both the fuel and temperature gauge were pegging all the way to Full and Hot. This can happen on the old gauges when a resistor blows out and it can fry the gauges.

How does a jumper strap work on a fuel gauge?

Like a light bulb, it will work no matter which way the current flows. The jumper strap goes to a regulator that is inside the fuel gauge. A volt meter applied to the A terminal on the temperature gauge should fluctuate (plus and minus) near 5 volts.

How do I check the resistance of a gas gauge?

Just to show you how to check resistance take a look at the following image, and the settings on the voltmeter: Third, you will wire the four 100 ohm 1 watt resistors side by side (in parallel is the technical term) and connect them to terminal I on the gas gauge.

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