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Frequently Asked Questions

How does climber help you in your job search?

I deeply appreciate your efforts in assisting me with my job search." " is a great resource for connecting people with fantastic opportunities. They were instrumental in connecting me with a company that is clearly the next step up the ladder of my career. Thank you Climber!"

What is the dictionary definition of a climber?

English Language Learners Definition of climber. : someone who climbs mountains, cliffs, etc., as a sport. : an animal that climbs a lot or very well. : a plant that grows up walls, poles, etc.,

Why is climber unable to answer my phone calls?

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to answer our inbound phone calls. All customer service will be handled by email. Please enter required fields. Invalid entry or format ( ).

Who are the coaches of stronghold climbing gym?

A big thanks to their excellent coaches Dustin, Sarah (who supported the team at the comp), Davis (who helped set up our viewing from the gym), Isamer, and Jennifer. Thanks also to the parents who helped make this season possible despite all the challenges of the pandemic.

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