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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a climber 10 a good tractor?

The Climber 10 is equipped with major stainless steel hydraulic pipes connecting the two hydraulic axles. Together with a cooling fan placed on the rear axle, they keep the hydraulic oil working pressure low to guarantee high performances even under the most demanding working conditions. TRACTOR wheels ensure adherence on irrgular grounds.

What kind of machine is Grillo climber 10 AWD 27?

Grillo Climber 10 AWD 27 is a truly unique hydrostatic brush-cutter. The permanent 4WD system combined with the 27 HP powerful engine (22 HP net power) offer brilliant performances on severe slopes and low-adherence grounds. Remarkably efficient on high grass and up to 2,5 cm diametre shrubs, this machine is ideal for both agricultural...

What kind of engine does a climber 10 AWD have?

4-wheel-drive to go beyond limits Engine Briggs & Stratton Series 8270 Commercial ... Fuel tank capacity 13 L Gearbox 4-wheel-drive hydrostatic transmission. Clutch Electromagnetic clutch with P.T.O and bl ... Cutter deck side and rear discharge 16 more rows ...

What kind of riding lawn mower is best for steep slopes?

The Climber 927 is a hydrostatic ride-on brush cutter. It is equipped with a diff- lock and front parking brakes and it is ideal for mowing high grass and overgrown neglected areas. The machine is especially suited for use on steep slopes and banks due to its low centre of gravity and wide wheelb...

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