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Frequently Asked Questions

How to do the rope climber AB exercise?

If you are looking to add excitement to the traditional abdominal crunch, consider rope climbers. In this exercise, the abs go through a similar range of motion as the classic ab crunch. However, two things make this exercise unique. The first is the "rope-pulling" motion. The second is the range of the upper back and shoulders.

What does it mean to be a climber?

Keeping a finger on the pulse and understanding your businesses performance means you can drive that success. We at Climber are specialists in providing the tools and solutions to suit your exact requirements, leaving you to focus on the things to take your business even further. We call it Creating Intelligent Business.

Who is the CEO of the climber company?

Climber CEO Jan Sipek has summoned his thoughts both on the content and the event as such – and has a suggestion for Qlik for next year.

What does the sky climber brand stand for?

The Sky Climber brand represents a multi-national family of companies brought together to meet a variety of safe access needs across several business verticals. Through its businesses, Sky Climber delivers products and services across several work-at-height industries including renewable energy, telecommunications, aerospace,...

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