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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plural of the word climber?

climb·​er | ˈklī-mər . plural climbers. 1a : a person or animal that climbs a tree climber a bicyclist who's an excellent climber a mountain climber We also teach how to handle a rope and how to belay another climber to protect them if they fall.— Lou Whittaker — see also rock climber.

What kind of OS does climber run on?

Currently support MacOS (10.10 or up) and Windows (vista or up), Linux support is on plan. For windows, Climber run as portable mode by default. (Will write files in executable directory)

Which is the best vertical climber for beginners?

Our Top Picks Best Overall Vertical Climber: RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Vertical Climber Best Folding Vertical Climber: Merax Vertical Climber Best Vertical Climber with App: Maxi Climber Best Budget Vertical Climber: Conquer Vertical Climber Best Vertical Climber for Beginners: Costway Foldable Vertical Climber Machine

How does climber help you in your job search?

I deeply appreciate your efforts in assisting me with my job search." " is a great resource for connecting people with fantastic opportunities. They were instrumental in connecting me with a company that is clearly the next step up the ladder of my career. Thank you Climber!"

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