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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about knots in climbing?

Knots are used for tying into harnesses, rigging anchors, tying into anchors, joining ropes together for rappels, backing up rappels, and rescue situations. There are dozens of climbing knots you may eventually want to learn, but only a handful of essential climbing knots are really needed to venture up almost any single or multi-pitch climb.

What's the best knot to tie into a harness?

The Double Bowline Knot is an alternative knot for tying into a harness. It’s easier to untie than a Figure 8 after taking multiple falls. But because of this, it has to be backed up with a double overhand knot. Feed the rope through the tie-in points on your harness.

What kind of knot do you use to tie rope to tree?

The Bowline Knot is a useful knot for tying the rope to a tree or other natural anchor. It's unlikely to slip when loaded, but it might shake loose when it's unloaded, so be sure to back it up with a stopper knot.

What are the pros and cons of tying a knot?

Tighten each strand individually to properly distribute the load within the knot and maximize its secureness. Pros: Easy to tie, easy to inspect, and extremely secure. The tightening that happens during a fall reduces peak force on the rope, climber, and gear.

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