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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best climbing harness for beginners?

The Black Diamond Momentum Harness is the ultimate beginner climbing harness. Comfortable, lightweight, durable, and affordable, the Black Diamond Momentum checks all of the boxes.

Do you need a belay bag for a climbing harness?

Climbing Harnesses are nothing without a belay device, and a chalk bag to keep your hands dry. That’s why these climbing harness packages have all of the starter gear to get you climbing in the gym, the mountains, or out at the crag.

How much does a rock climbing starter pack cost?

Escape Climbing Starter Pack | 51 Premium Plastic Rock Climbing Holds Designed for Beginners | Includes Jugs, Crimps, and Pinches in Multiple Sizes 4.8 out of 5 stars14 $249.99$249.99

Which is the best climbing gear for beginners?

Whether you’re sport climbing, top roping, trad climbing, or just running laps at the climbing gym, the Black Diamond Momentum Harness Package is the perfect climbing starter kit to get you going. Purchasing the Momentum Harness Package nets you an ATC-XP belay device, complete with a RockLock Screwgate locking carabiner.

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