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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hydrandrea a plant species?

Consider planting these popular hydrangeas in your garden landscape: French Hydrangea - This traditional bigleaf hydrangea is also known as the florist's hydrangea for its large, vibrant blooms. Mophead hydrangea - This variety of bigleaf hydrangea features large, round blooms. Lacecap hydrangea - Large flowers surround smaller buds with the appearance of being only half bloomed for a lacy, delicate look. More items...

What eats hydrangea leaves?

Snails and Slugs. These mollusks are fans of the hydrangea plant. They will eat the leaves and tender new plant shoots and can do a large amount of damage to your plant. Both slugs and snails are nocturnal creatures and feed during evening hours or during days when it's cloudy and darker.

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