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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best perennials for shade?

Some outstanding perennials for partial shade include Astilbe, Epimedium and Heuchera. Astilbe are great perennials for partial shade because they are easy to care for, have flowers in a variety of colors and are available in heights from 6-inches tall to 5-feet tall.

What are the best climbing outdoor plants?

Here’s our guide to the best climbing plants and wall-trained shrubs for sunny and shady spots in your garden. Ideal for adding interest to patios and decking, climbing plants do well in containers. Good annual climbers to consider include Sweet peas, Black-eyed Susan, Morning Glory and Nasturtiums.

What climbing plants grow in shade?

One species of climbing annual which thrives in shade is cleavers (Galium aparine). Also known as catchweed bedstraw, this soft plant was once used to stuff mattresses. Distributed throughout the United States, this shade-loving vine grows voraciously in the warmer months of the year, bearing sticky green leaves and stems.

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