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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best red climbing rose?

Red Climbing Roses. The best red climbers include Blaze, a medium red, and Don Juan, a dark red. Blaze, with very flexible canes, is one of the easiest climbers to train.

What are the best white climbing roses?

Masses of white roses climbing up a structure can be stunning. The best and most popular ones include White Dawn, Climbing Iceberg and Sally Holmes. White Dawn climbs to 12 feet, with fragrant, large flowers measuring 3 inches in diameter.

What are the different types of climbing roses?

There are several types of roses that grow such long canes they could be considered climbers. These include the large-flowered climbing roses (LCl ARS designation), ramblers (R), noisettes (N), ayrshires (Ayr), hybrid moyesii (HMoy), hybrid sempervirens (HSem), and many of the larger members of old garden roses (OGRs), shrubs,...

How much sunlight for climbing roses?

To plant a climbing rose, choose a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sun per day and has plenty of space for the roses to spread out. Once you've picked your spot, chop up the soil with a trowel and mix in several handfuls of compost to give your roses the nutrients they will need.

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