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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any easy Mountains to climb in South America?

South America may not seem like the typical climbing destination. But did you know that half of the countries in South America actually have mountains that are higher than Europe’s Mount Elbrus? And some of these peaks are relatively easy glacier climbs. With proper training and acclimatization, even beginners can climb them.

Which is the best place to climb in Argentina?

The Cabañas Cerro Torre offer private cabins, which would be a great choice for couples. If you’re looking to brave the Patagonian elements and camp, El Refugio is probably the most popular for climbers. Go here for more information on the climbing in Argentina: “ 3 Top Climbing Destinations in Argentina ”.

Where is the best place to climb in Colombia?

The climbing community of Suesca is wonderful. It is a great place to meet local Colombian climbers who are some of the friendliest people in the world. The town of Suesca is about a 5-10min walk from the climbing. Here you can find everything that you need.

Where are the best places to climb in Suesca?

In addition to the rocks of Suesca, there are numerous other climbing areas around Suesca such as Macheta or Zipaquira, both of which are accessible by bus or car, but are a little more difficult to find. For a more information on Suesca’s climbing see: “Ultimate Suesca Climbing Guide – Everything You Need To Know“.

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