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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do rock climbing walls cost?

Indoor Rock (Wall) Climbing - Prices & Cost Ballpark Estimate: $175 to $635 (includes purchase of gear) WARNING! Learning to climb in an indoor gym does not adequately prepare you for outdoor rock climbing. Different gear and a very different and more complicated set of skills are required to climb outdoors.

How do you build a rock climbing wall?

Steps Decide exactly what you want out of your rock climbing wall. Plan on the construction method you will use for your wall. Calculate exactly how much the wall will cost, exactly what supplies you will need and all the technicalities. Build your wall. Finish the wall surface, paint, and apply texture. Consider what your fall zone is going to be.

How high are climbing walls?

Indoor climbing walls range in height from 20 to 50 feet and are equipped either with a sturdy anchor at the top for toproping or bolts with fixed quickdraws for lead climbing. Many gyms also have lower walls for bouldering or climbing without a rope.

What is an indoor climbing wall?

A climbing wall is a surface with a slope or a cliff made artificially with grips of hands and feet usually used for indoor climbing. Indoor climbing walls were originally built to enable climbers to train and continue climbing through the wet and cold winter months or even on regular days.

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