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Frequently Asked Questions

How big are modular rock climbing wall panels?

Available in 4ft x 8ft sections, modular panels may also be surfaced with natural rock. These panel are come either flat, or with 2ft bulges in each panel’s topography. Built to last, all natural rock modular panels may be used indoors or out. Contrary to truly flat walls, climbers may grasp and perch upon every nook and bump.

What can I do with climbing wall panels?

Start small with just hand holds on one or two climbing wall panels OR go big and cover one side of a basement or indoor basketball court. You can even get really creative and use climbing panels to access a loft.

Are there different types of rock climbing walls?

If you’re looking for a higher wall or a more dynamic climbing experience, check out our custom climbing wall system. We have a few different types of textures and looks available to suit your interest and budget, such as Gym Rock Lite, Custom Mural, and Sculpted Gym Rock climbing panels.

Can a climbing wall be stacked horizontally or vertically?

Panels can be stacked horizontally or vertically to create any size rock climbing wall. Dollar for dollar, nothing gets your project off the ground quicker or more economically. Climbing Solutions’ commercial climbing panels are designed for a wide range of facilities looking for affordable climbing wall solutions.

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