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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mukilteo/Clinton ferry route profitable?

The Mukilteo/Clinton route is one of the few WSF Routes that manage to turn a profit. That’s one reason why we receive more departure times and new boats more often. The Mukilteo ferry terminal is also in the process of being completely redesigned. For more information visit the Washington State Traffic & Cams page.

How do I get from Mukilteo to Seattle by rail?

Sounder offers commuter rail service from Mukilteo to Seattle with stops in Edmonds. In Mukilteo, Sounder rail is located at 920 First Street, NE of the Mukilteo Ferry Terminal, within six minutes walking distance from terminal.

Can You Drive on the Whidbey Island Ferry?

Walk On, or Ride On Foot passengers, cyclists, and motorcyclists will always be allowed on the first available whidbey island ferry sailing after they show up at the dock. If you can avoid driving on and utilize alternate transportation once you arrive on the other side, you’ll avoid any potential long ferry wait times.

Is there long term parking at Mukilteo?

There is no long term parking in Mukilteo. All parking near the Mukilteo Terminal is limited to 4 hours and the area north of the railroad tracks is paid parking with a 4 hour limit. The waterfront promenade is open to the public. A walkway links east toward Edgewater Park and to Lighthouse Park to the west

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