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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find free clip art?

Where to Find Free Clipart for Your Website, Article or Offline Project. 1. Clker. Offering a wealth of vector clip art, all of which is royalty-free and available in several file types (SVG, PNG and ODG), Clker is definitely one of the best free clip art sites around.

How do you make clip art?

Put your clip art into a document. Choose "Insert" from the menu of the application, like Publisher, Word or web page software. Choose "Picture" and "From File.". Browse to the folder where your clip art image is located.

Which is better Photoshop or Clip Studio?

Clip Studio has smoother lineart capabilities and is geared towards comic book work. Photoshop has infinitely more editing tools along with very solid painting capabilities (Artstation = living proof of it) and is, ironically, geared towards photographers and graphic designers instead of painters.

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