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Frequently Asked Questions

Is closed cell foam the right choice?

Closed cell foam is the best choice for robust insulating where space is an issue, as it can achieve 2x the R-Value of open cell inside a standard wall. Its rigid nature also adds to the structural integrity of the building and E84 fire rated versions are available.

What does closed cell foam mean?

Closed cell foam is a type of foam that has closed cells rather than open cells in the foam. Usually, this means that the foam cannot absorb water or other materials, because the cells are completely closed. So where a sponge-like foam can absorb water or other liquids, a closed cell foam will simply repel the water and absorb nothing.

What is the difference between open and closed cell foam insulation?

The other major difference between open cell and closed cell foam insulation is the density of the in-place foam. Open cell foams typically weigh about 0.5 lbs per cubic foot while closed cell foams are about 3 lbs per cubic foot. Ultimately this is why closed cell foams are stronger and denser allowing them to carry heavier loads.

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