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Frequently Asked Questions

Are closed end funds a good investment?

Strengths These funds are easy to buy and sell on financial markets. The funds usually invest in hundreds of companies, so they offer good diversification in certain areas. If bought in a tax-deferred account, closed-end funds are a great investment for long-term capital appreciation.

What are the benefits of closed end funds?

Closed-end funds can use leverage (borrowing funds for additional investments) to amplify investment performance by producing outsized gains or enhancing earnings. Funds can use leverage in two ways: borrow capital or issue preferred shares.

What is an example of a closed end fund?

How it works (Example): Closed-end funds initially raise capital through an initial public offering. They then use the proceeds to invest in a basket of securities. The term "closed-end" refers to the fact that once the initial shares are issued, the fund is basically "closed" to new investors wishing to purchase shares from the company.

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