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Frequently Asked Questions

Is I 70 closed now?

A 46 mile stretch of Interstate 70 has now been closed in western Colorado from Glenwood Springs (Exit 116) to Dotsero (Exit 133) for 13 straight days. Progress is being made, as seen in new photos from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Are there closing the schools?

There are a significant number of states closing schools. Closing schools has had both negative and positive consequences on the community as a whole. The governing body of the school board selects the schools that will be closed based on several criteria; the student population, the age of the school and the location of the school.

What is a closure notice?

A Closure Notice is made when a senior police officer or council official is of the reasonable opinion that: The use of the premises has or is likely to result in nuisance to members of the public; or.

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