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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clover health claims?

Clover Health, an insurance startup based out of San Francisco, is hoping that with its data-driven approach it can rebuild healthcare for senior citizens from the ground up. It wants that by tracking all the inputs of a person’s medical history from insurance claims and determining who the highest-risk patients are.

What is Clover Health Insurance?

Clover Health is a data driven health insurance startup driving to improve the overall state of healthcare in America. We are hiring software engineers, data scientists, designers and product folks who can help us understand our members’ wellness and steer them clear of any health risks down the road.

What is Clover Health Plan?

Clover Health is a technology company and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) offering simple Medicare Advantage plans packed with essentials, which are meaningfully different from those offered by Original Medicare, along with no-cost routine hearing, vision, and dental coverage.

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